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Baku Zoological Park welcomes visitors after full renovation

On 7 October 2021, Baku Zoological Park inaugurated after major repair, expansion and construction works.

During the opening ceremony, the Zoo was presented with its new look and design, showcasing the conditions of its resident animals after having them moved to a new home.

As a result of the repair works that lasted for four years, more comfortable and expanded enclosures, corresponding to animals' natural environment and meeting the needs of each species, as well as an aquaterrarium, petting zoo, artificial lake, swimming pools and a veterinary clinic were built in the Zoo territory.

The Zoological Park has now become a more pleasant and interesting place for its visitors, by having doubled to 4.25 hectares in area size.

Special attention has been given to the full protection of existing trees and shrubs in the Zoo. With the increase of green space area by 6700 m2, a more natural environment has been created in the Zoo, ensuring both the well-being of animals and a pleasant visit for guests.

Along with other innovations and various sites of entertainment, a playground,
lecture hall and an electronic excursion stands have been created and placed on the territory. In addition to providing a space for relaxation and leisure, the Zoo also functions as a place for education for visitors of all age groups.

It should be noted  that Baku Zoological Park has become new not only in appearance, but also in its mission and approach. The main goal of the Zoo is to be an indispensable tool for research, knowledge preservation and the conservation of animal species, which people can use to learn about the natural world, especially the rare fauna of Azerbaijan. In this regard, proper conditions have been created to further contribute to the animals' natural increase in populations and help the reintroduction programs of species listed in the "Red Book" of Azerbaijan.

Taking into account the importance of animal welfare and wildlife protection, no new animals are taken into the Zoological Park, and in some cases only, illegally kept or rescued wild animals may find shelter in the Zoo.