Baku Zoological Park

Education and Outreach

Education aims to provide useful knowledge and skills to children and young people. Combining education with entertainment can make learning fun and engaging.

Baku Zoological Park functions as not only an entertainment place, but also as an educational, research and conservation center. Seminars, training sessions, workshops and master classes held in the Zoological Park both entertain and educate children and young people. This process has a number of advantages for children:

  • The fun activities encourage children to learn better and provide them with long-term memory;
  • Keeps children away from monotonous and boring education;
  • It helps to develop healthy competition between between children;
  • The success they get from the games makes the kids even more inspired to learn;
  • Forms new habits and skills;
  • It reveals their hidden talents;
  • It ensures the development of children, teenagers and young people's interests and inclinations, intellectual levels, creative abilities, and increases their physical capabilities.

Therefore, seminars and training sessions on animals' lifestyle, characteristics, their biology and ecology, various workshops on environmental topics, documentary screenings, readings and storytelling sessions, as well as exhibitions are regularly organized in the lecture hall of the Zoological Park, helping children acquire theoretical knowledge about the animals.

These educational sessions play an important role in increasing children's knowledge, discovering their skills. In the lecture hall, children can take part in question and answer sessions, participate in discussions, learn detailed information about the animals dwelling in the Zoological Park and the ones listed in the Red Book of Azerbaijan.

All this helps children to develop a sense of care and love for our nature, and to understand that nature plays an essential role in our lives. Children's active participation in such events is also important in terms of forming awareness for nature protection and promoting environmental education.