Baku Zoological Park

Different Services

At Baku Zoological Park, visitors can meet the animals that have found shelter in the zoo, while also spend a good time. There’s a playground, lecture hall, souvenir shop, and a cafe in the area. The Zoological Park has become a place where everyone, including people with disability and visitors of all age groups can relax and be educated.

It should be noted that following the renovation, the Zoological Park has become new not only in appearance, but also in its concept and approach. The main goal of the zoo is to become an educational, research and conservation center, where people can learn about the natural world, especially the rare fauna of Azerbaijan. In this regard, proper conditions have been created for the animal’s natural increase in the population and the reintroduction of species listed in the "Red Book" of Azerbaijan.

Lecture hall
At the Zoological Park, you can also get theoretical knowledge about the animals you meet. Various seminars and training sessions about the animals’ lifestyle, characteristic features, biology, ecology, and master classes on environnmental topics are regularly held in the lecture hall. Awarenness raising and educational programs play an important role in raising children’s level of knowledge, revealing their skills. For the little ones, cartoons about animals are screened every day. Additionaly, in the lecture room, children can take part in question-and-answer sessions, participate in discussions, find out about the endangered animals that have found shelter in the Zoological Park listed, as well as learn more about the animal world. All this helps children to develop a sense of care and love for nature and help them understand that nature plays an important role in people's lives.
Operating in the Baku Zoological Park area, the cafe has a unique design. The interier features the images of cartoon characters, attracting not only children, but also adults. The cafe offers a variety of delicious dishes and drinks and welcomes birthday, party, and small group celebrations. The visitors can spend pleasant time with their loved ones there, while observing the zoo from the cafe. With its lovely decor, delicious food and friendly staff the cafe will charm you and your loved ones.
Children's playground
Entertaining activities are offered for children in the Zoological Park area. While parents relax, the little ones can have fun in the playground. The playground contributes children's physical and mental development, increases their creativity, entertains and helps them socialize. Children constantly learn when playing and make new friends, share and communicate with other children. The little ones will get to know the Zoological Park, play with their peers on the playground, gather a lot of energy and be happy with it.
Petting zoo
We invite you to spend a wonderful day at the peting zoo and meet your favorite animals. In zoos, you will usually hear the following, "Do not feed animals!", "Stay away from aviaries!". This is not the case in the petting zoo. Here, your children can take care of animals, feed them and come into contact with such domestic animals as dwarf goats, sheep, Chinese silk chickens, parrots, rabbits, guinea pigs and ponies.
Souvenir shop
Visitors of the Zoological Park can get gifts from the souvenir shop. The store is full of beautiful and interesting nature-themed gifts. Here, one can buy illustrated books about animals in different languages, toys, t-shirts and mugs with the logo of our zoo.
Pony ride
Ponies are small horses. They are distinguished by short legs, short necks, thick manes and tails. Because ponies are intelligent and friendly, these properly trained animals are suitable for children learning to ride. There is a special area for the pony rides on the territory of the Zoological Park. Here, your children can spend fun time riding on ponies, petting them and taking memory photos.